Dear Husband, ….’For better or for worse’

Dear Husband,

As we stand at the cusp of our thirteenth marriage anniversary and at the brink of our ‘teenage years’ of togetherness I want to open my heart out to you. I had grown up reading, dreaming and waiting for my knight in shining armor to emerge just like they have umpteen number of times in romantic novels down through the ages. But out jumped Mr. Darcy! Now don’t get me wrong here. I love the classic ‘Pride and Prejudice’ but it took some time getting used to being with Mr. Darcy lifelong than in a few chapters in a novel!

You have made me believe that romantic novels and murder mysteries could actually get along together like a house on fire. Though pink heart shaped balloons would have been the last straw for you! I know life may make us feel like we’re running on the wheels of a hamster cage. It may seem to come at us at a pace so fast that it is difficult to catch our breaths lets alone take stock of the situation. We may not have hours to spend alone, looking into each other’s eyes and whisper sweet nothings. Yet, I’ve seen that fresh and nascent stage of love grow into something so much ‘stronger’, ‘real’ and ‘true’!

You have been my biggest cheerleader always urging me on to live my dreams and you’ve been the hand that has held me up when life seemed to unravel at the seams. You’ve helped me rebuild, regrow and thrive when every ounce of me wanted to lie down, forget, give up and hide. We’ve cried together and laughed a lot. We’ve danced the night away to our favorite music and even rocked our children to sleep whilst humming the same tunes.

You’ve called me beautiful even when I’ve struggled to see any beauty in myself. You’ve made me feel loved when I don’t think I could love my swollen, pregnant, cranky, teary eyed hormonal self anymore. You’ve been my best friend and my worst critic too. Though for future reference you could possibly cut a bit of slack and slightly sugar coat the harsh and bitter pill of truth. There are plenty of mirrors around the house should I want to ever see a reflection of the truth!

I’ve also seen you rock the pregnancy glow three times round! No matter how odd on paper that may sound. My dark circles seem to be making a huge contribution to keeping the beauty industry afloat and anew, Though not a wrinkle near the eye can be seen on you! You’re the best father I could have hoped for my children to have. Though maybe next time you raise your voice you could perhaps lower it a notch or two. I know you blame it on your ‘perfect and flawless’ genetic pool but try, just try maybe a notch or two.

You’re a wonderful cook, that much I know. Thank you, very much dating period. Though I’d like you to voluntarily offer those services now too. You and I have both worked hard to make our marriage rock solid. But I could do with some more help with the household work too. And, please don’t wait around for a formal letter of invitation to materialize and float down. Isn’t happening dude! I’ll tell you this much that seeing you load the dishwasher voluntarily is a turn on at this stage in our married life too!!

I know it’s easy to comment and the grass is always greener on the other side…I haven’t walked a mile in your shoes but the shoes slightly pinch on this side too! But I’m on this journey with you.

I’m right there with you even though at times it may seem that we are at logger heads. I’m right there with you even when I may look uninterested in watching the highlights of the game and hearing the same commentary a million times over may make me feel like jumping off the bed!

I’m standing right there with you when you’re clowning around the house and also in one of your weird moods too.

I’m right there with you even when we’ve slammed the doors and promised to never talk.

I’m right there with you when we’ve taken long evening walks.

I’m right there with you even when the humor of your joke is lost on me and I cannot fathom the logic in what you say!

I’m right there with you when the sun shines bright and even when the skies go murky and grey.

I’m right there with you even when you feel I do not understand.

We’ve held hands and looked out confidently at the future and we’ve also been together when the terrain got rocky, unsure and out of hand. We’ve riled each other up and seen the best and worst. We’ve always been together even when the dam of our patience seemed to give way and burst.

I can never forget that you got me back to writing when I’d almost given it up. You made my dreams your own and pushed me to never fail and give up! You’re the wind beneath my wings and I hope to be a rock-solid anchor to you too!

And in the blink of an eye I’d choose Mr. Darcy over any other hero who ever tried to woo!

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